Shopper marketing methodologies to fit the need.

Get a wider perspective from technologies which go beyond the spoken word to understand deeper into consumer choice and allows for the greatest opportunity to optimize.

Package Testing

For testing packaging, the Forte Research Group has methodologies which evaluates designs in-store or in research labs.  Including, setting up gondola shelving in central locations or our shopping simulator which provides best-in-class images, for times when product mockups are not available.

Shopper Merchandising

Will your marketing efforts engage your consumer?  Is your communication on target?  In addition to spoken responses, our Biometrics & Behaviometrics collect the unspoken responses:
  • Eye Tracking
  • Copy Readership
  • Engagement
  • Emotion

360° eye tracking

We asked…Why treat eye tracking as a separate exercise?  

If the goal is to understand real world performance and to identify that areas that can be improved, then the data must be gathered while the consumer is making their purchase selections.

Our advanced eye tracking system provides greater accuracy and flexibility allowing for this crucial data to be captured as the consumer shops.  This includes areas viewed as the consumer picks up the package.  It is a 360° view of the elements utilized during the shopping exercise.

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